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Welcome to Eastgate Soccer

About the Club

Mission Statement     

"Providing a positive, safe and caring atmosphere to the youth of Clermont County, Ohio."


Primary Goals

1.      To develop every player to the best of their ability, both mentally and physically.

2.      To develop every player with outstanding character and sportsmanship.

3.      To create passion for the sport of soccer in every player.

4.      To enjoy the game of soccer.  

5.      To have fun!


Who We Are, What We Do

Eastgate Soccer Association is a not-for-profit organization that strives to promote and teach soccer to the youth of Clermont County. Clermont County is a suburban / rural county to the east of Cincinnati, in south-west Ohio. Our players are from a broad background of public, private, charter and home schools.

Eastgate Soccer in a proud participator in Cincinnati Hill SAY Soccer and a proud member of the Soccer Association for Youth (SAY). Eastgate Soccer participates in the Cincinnati Hills SAY Soccer recreational league. This league includes eight recreational soccer districts.

Eastgate Soccer is a recreational soccer club serving children and teens, from age 3 up through age 18. Children/Teens are not required to try-out and we will teach all that wish to learn. Recreational soccer leagues are designed to be just that; recreational and fun. That is not to say there is not any competition. There is plenty of that.

  • Eastgate Soccer is not an organization centered on the team win and will not sacrifice whatever it takes to accomplish that team win.

  • Eastgate Soccer is an organization centered on developing players to achieve their maximum potential (and more importantly, to just have fun).

It is our primary goal to develop every player to the best of their ability, both mentally and physically. It is also our goal to develop a player of outstanding character and sportsmanship. And lastly, it is our goal to develop a passion for the sport in every player. We look forward to seeing you on the fields!!


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Field Status
Clepper Park U10 - Cincinnati OPEN (1/24) 
Clepper Park U12-U19 - Cincinnati OPEN (1/24) 
Clepper Park U6 Field 1 - Cincinnati OPEN (1/24) 
Clepper Park U6 Field 2 - Cincinnati OPEN (1/24) 
Clepper Park U8 - Cincinnati OPEN (1/24) 
Practice - Green Space - Cincinnati OPEN (1/24) 
Weather Policy

At either the SOUND of thunder OR SIGHT of lighting, practices/games will be immediately stopped and fields need to be cleared of all participants (coaches, players, referees and spectators).

Practices/Games may be restarted 30 minutes after the last sound of thunder or sight of lightning.